Access Control System

Access Control System

Access control systems provide authorized individuals safe and secure access in and out of various parts of your business while keeping unauthorized people out.

They can range from electronic keypads that secure a single door to large networked systems for multiple buildings. Access Systems also greatly simplify management of your facility: no need to replace lost keys, hunt down old keys from terminated employees, or wonder who has access to which areas.

The Common Types of Building Access Control Systems are as follows;

Intruder Detection Systems:

  These consist of intruder alarms and motion detectors that alert you once an intrusion is detected.

Gate Entry Systems:

 A gate entry system enables you to monitor the movement of people in and out of your property. Everyone is provided with appropriate security clearance, as they enter the building.

Biometric Readers:

  Biometric readers are ideal for high security applications to ensure that only the people with the required clearance are able to access sensitive areas within your building.

CCTV Camera Systems:

 Video surveillance is necessary in high interest security areas to give you a recorded visual of people’s movements.