Fire and Burglar Alarm Solution

Fire Alarm and Burglar Solution

Fire alarm system is an active fire protection system that controls all the fire alarm modules in a building. It is composed of alarm initiating devices (smoke detectors and heat sensors), alarm notification appliances (sirens or devices that produce loud noises), fire control units (sprinkler systems or fire extinguisher systems), power supplies and wirings.

The fire alarm system can be Due to the increase in the unsafely of lives and properties in the world today, there is need for security alarm system to protect ones from thieves and fire disaster.

It pays to prevent disaster that is why U-Tel Network Solution Limited is bringing the awareness of these preventive measures to save our client’s lives and properties.

How does a fire alarm system work by way of smoke sensor? There are two types of smoke detectors.

These are the optical detector and the ionization detector. The optical smoke detector detects smoke by using light sensors (infrared LED).

When smoke particles pass thru the chamber of the optical detector, it scatters light that triggers the alarm. In the ionization detector, if the smoke particle enters the chamber of the ionization detector it will reduce air ionization inside the chamber of the ionization detector and triggers the alarm.

This same idea applied to burglar system. In the invent of an authorized access to a particular area in your company, premises or other areas you want to keep safe, alarm can trigger signaling that un authorized person is trying to have access to the area you are securing from public access.