Electrical Power Solutions

Electrical Power Solutions

U-Tel Network Solution provides a proven portfolio of solution services to ensure your critical power systems are designed and delivered to the highest standards. Carried out by a team of highly experienced engineers, our solution offering provides comprehensive project management. From initial site surveys to installations, our experts will have your systems up and running smoothly and safely whatever their size and application.

UPS Solutions

U-Tel Network Solution Limited provides the service of UPS supply and installations, maintenance and servicing of existing UPS. We work closely well known UPS manufacturers like APC, to the give you the best power solution that can keep your business running without experiencing down time in your business.

Pure Electrical Power Solutions

We have a team of electrical enginneers whose their major focus is design and implementation of Power projects. Due to the sensitive nature of this solution, we relate an source for our electrical materials from only the top elctrical equipment manufacturers. We have been involed in series of power installation in many of our projects.